club games

History in every pint

We are home to many successful  skittles, darts and crib teams who play most nights of the week. We are always on the look out for new teams/players or ideas of other pub/club games we can participate in.

whats on

Something for everyone every night of the week including:-

Saturday Night

varies from live music to quiz nights to games nights


Free Lunchtime Quiz & a meat raffle £1 for two strips from 2pm,

Bingo from 9:30 pm followed by a meat raffle

We're keeping the tradition of the English social club  alive with every pint we pour. The moment you walk through our door, you'll think that you've just been transported back to a better, simpler time.  You've actually stumbled upon the best of both old and new, all under one roof.

Our front bar is the quietish relaxed area, with only low playing background music which you can hardly hear away from the main bar area, this bar has plenty of pictures of Old Wyke hanging on the walls so why not take the time to reminisce in the past.

Our back bar we show live sport on the many TV's, we also have a pull down large screen for important sporting fixtures. We  have a pool table at only 50p a go, cues are kept behind the bar so all you have to do is ask, we have  dart boards, a skittle alley  and a dance floor for your Saturday night boogies. 

We are  a family and dog friendly club with some games to entertain your children whilst you enjoy your drinks.

Our Juke Box is 2 tracks for 50p, 5 tracks for £1.00 or you can have 12 tracks for £2.00 so you can listen to your favourite tracks too.

If there is anything you would like to do or see at the Wyke Regis Social Club that we don't already do, then please either speak to a committee member or fill in a suggestion slip in the back bar, we are always open to new suggestions.

If you would like to go a step further in helping then why not join our committee, all you have to do is write a letter requesting to join to the secretary.