Wyke Regis Social Club is run by the committee on behalf of all fully paid up members. A list of current committee members is located under the committee tab.

As a committee we always open to suggestions from members on all aspects of the club whether good or bad and we love to have your feedback on the work we do within the club, a suggestion box is situated in the back bar next to the card machine. Alternatively you can contact the club under the contact us tab above. 

If you feel you would like to contribute more than just a suggestion or would love to become more involved in the club then why not join the committee, all it takes is a letter to the secretary and for you to be accepted by the committee.

A few questions you may wish to consider could be such thigs as:

Any suggestions for improving your club ?

Do you listen to the Saturday evening entertainment?

Is it to your liking?

If you don't come in to the club often, is their a reason behind this, if so we would love to know what's stopping you? so we can hopefully solve any issues.

We are the last watering hole left in Old Wyke Square, where you will be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome.


opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday & Saturday    11am - 12am

Sunday                      12pm - 11pm